Student Visa

To study in Canada, you may need a study permit. The minimum IELTS score required for study permit is 6.0 in academic. We help the international students to find the college of their choice in Canada. We guide the students step by step to get the study permit in a genuine and legal way. Following are the steps to get the study permit:


  • The student will email us the copy of passport, certificates of secondary school education and IELTS score.
  • We will send the documents to the college of choice.
  • After assessing the documents, college will issue an offer letter.
  • The student will deposit fees directly into the bank account of college.
  • College will issue an acceptance letter.
  • The application for study permit along with this acceptance letter will be applied to the Canadian visa office.

Prepare to study in Canada

Before you can apply for a study permit, you must have been accepted at a designated learning institution in Canada. You also need to have the right documents.

Get the right documents

You need the following documents to apply for a study  permit:

  • Proof of acceptance
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of financial support
  • Letter of explanation
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